About Us

Sixkiller Guitars – THE place to buy custom artisan guitars for an affordable price

Chip Hwass, Luthier, is Based in Punta Gorda Florida where he creates high quality Artisan build guitars. Sixkiller Guitars is THE place to buy custom artisan guitars for an affordable price. Check out our stock and modified Fender®, Sixkiller, and other model guitars, specialty necks, custom pickguards and Hot Mod vintage electronics. Buy a custom-build guitar or have an exclusive, one-of-a-kind guitar customized just for you.

Having sold on Ebay for over nine years, he has a 100% Positive Feedback Rating on Ebay.  Here’s what some of the most recent buyers have to say:

A beautiful guitar and great buying experience- thank you! (Model:  Madcat)

Guitar is “BEAUTIFUL” and so much fun to play!!! Thank you!!! (Model:  MadCat)

I Totally LOVE all the detailed work,she sounds great,looks AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL (Model:  MadCat)

Very satisfied wih item & packaging by seller. (Model:  Sho Bud Steel Pedal Guitar)

Great product and fast shipping! Yay! Thank you! (Model:  SixKiller custom Relic)

Frequently Asked Questions

QHow long will it take before I receive my guitar?

This varies.  If she is described as complete, meaning in stock, then 10 days.  If she is custom then 60-90 days.  This is not written in stone. Some are 30 days.  If you have inlay, then 90 or more.  Art should not be rushed.   I want the most fine experience for the both of us.  When I want to keep her for me, then  I will send her to you.  I communicate with my buyers weekly.

Regarding Custom Guitars:

QWhat colors do you offer?

Basically any color.  The price will vary depending on the complexity.

QCan you create custom scratch guards?

Yes, we have the ability to make any size and any style.  Visit our Custom Pick Guard page and you may upload your image and notes regarding your order.

QCan you create custom graphics?

Yes, we can design to your specifications or use your .JPG file.

QCan you do custom electronics?

Yes, this is my specialty.

QWill you refinish my body?

Yes. Prices begin at $150.

Can you  supply name  brand pick ups?

Yes, we specialize in custom electronics.

Sixkiller guitars have a timeless beauty. Sourced from unloved Fender guitars I purchase from private individuals, auctions, garage sales , shops going out of business and new parts. You can order yours with electronics and colors of your choice or customize The only limit is your imagination!!. Just add a note when you place your order or contact us. NO FENDER WARRANTY APPLIES.