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Everything I make is custom. You get the complete guitar set up and ready to play! Paper in oil capacitor. 47mf, sealed chrome tuners, Fender® ceramic cups, head stock painted to match (if desired).

The popular capacitor for a vintage tone is paper-in-oil caps. I love these for Teles and Strats. They have just the right amount of treble bleed when bypassed (tone on 10) and roll off highs smoothly with a rich sound. They’re hard to describe but I’ve found them to be the most “vintage” tonally and the most pleasing to me on single coils. Paper-in-oil capacitors tend to be on the expensive side due to not being widely manufactured. There are also lots of vintage paper-in-oil capacitors out there to be had but they command a premium price and are getting harder and harder to come by.

We specialize in custom electronics.

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