A clowder of cats…… You know you want one.
New and improved Precision Replica Just finished building four of these beauties.  The most accurate reproduction on... Read More
Hurricane Irma
Ok so we may be down for a week. Hope not but trying to reason with Hurricane season is useless…..Cat 5 ….185 mile an... Read More
Sam SixKiller
They called him Sam Sixkiller. He was the coolest badass cat around. He had six toes, green eyes and a sleek, powerfu... Read More

Our Testimonials

E Sam Hwass In England we say Sixkiller neck’s are “TDB” The Dog’s Bollocks Paul Lavin Read More
E Sam Hwass has the best necks for the price. Quite affordable. Lance Gregory Read More
I’ve seen his necks in person. Probably one of the nicest necks I’ve ever seen. Id forgo all those other Kats and buy... Read More
Hi Chip, I just realized I never emailed you back, I wanted to thank you the guitar is awesome. (MadCat) I absolutely... Read More
Hi Chip, I love it, really beautiful and worth the wait! It is not shy when you turn it up and add some crunch, but s... Read More
Hi Sam! I should tell you how happy I am with this neck. I have just received it and unpacked. It is amazing!!! The w... Read More
The neck you sent me is probably the most beautiful neck I have ever seen I’m not joking I have only seen pictures of... Read More
Hello Madcat the guitar is beautiful my friend great work I also put the word out for your work on Facebook buddy tha... Read More
Just installed mine last week amazing neck!!! Love Read More
From Chris Brown
From Chris Brown
June 14, 2018
Here’s a Madcat review from Eric: Chip, Very happy with the look, weight, and finish of the guitar. You’re a genius... Read More
Love the neck. You did a fantastic job. Great seller. Perfect transaction! natedowg56 Read More
Love the Neck
Love the Neck
April 3, 2018
Amazing quality and finish! This neck transformed my MIM tele. Great seller!! Read More
Dude I am blown away. This is probably the nicest body I’ve ever bought and I’ve bought a few… it looks good, it has ... Read More
Dude I am Blown Away
Dude I am Blown Away
March 29, 2018
! Highly recommend! Superfast shipping, great deal! glynstilwel-0 Read More
Highly Recommended
Highly Recommended
March 29, 2018