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We are THE place to buy high-quality custom artisan guitars for an affordable price. You can choose your dexterity. We cater to lefties.  If you are a left-handed guitar player, then bookmark our site and sign up for our newsletter, because this is your place to shop.  Check out our stock of electric guitars, specialty necks, custom pickguards and Hot Mod vintage electronics. Buy a custom-build guitar or have us customize a guitar for you. What can we build for you? Whether you go for that heavily road-worn look or spit shiny, we can build anything you can imagine. Have an exclusive, one-of-a-kind guitar customized just for you.

You get the complete guitar set up and ready to play!

The popular capacitor for a vintage tone is paper-in-oil caps. I love these for Tele® and Strat®. They have just the right amount of treble bleed when bypassed (tone on 10) and roll off highs smoothly with a rich sound. They’re hard to describe but I’ve found them to be the most “vintage” tonally and the most pleasing to me on single coils. Paper-in-oil capacitors tend to be on the expensive side due to not being widely manufactured. There are also lots of vintage paper-in-oil capacitors out there to be had but they command a premium price and are getting harder and harder to come by.
We specialize in custom electronics.