Seafoam Relic Telecaster


Sixkiller Guitar built with Fender® parts, a Telecaster® neck and body with a Seafoam Green and lacquer Relic finish.

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The Seafoam Relic® lacquer finish comes out differently on each guitar, making your guitar unique. Built with a paper in oil capacitor. (47mf), sealed chrome tuners, Fender® ceramic cups and a head stock painted to match, this guitar looks and plays beautifully.

Soloing And i love her. David Calvo: sax Quim Aguasca: guitars, Sixkiller Telecaster®, Takamine acoustic guitar

Condition:  Excellent

Make:  Fender®

Model: SixKiller Telecaster® Custom

Finish:  Seafoam Green Relic

Categories:  Solid Body

Made In:  United States


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